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The Improved 3Pillars Pathway

We are 3Pillars! Our goal since the beginning has been to provide effective support to those who want to succeed by using our 3 pillars: Exercise, Education, Ethos. We have developed and refined these as we have progressed, but we felt there is more we can do. Therefore, we have grown our pathway to better support those at risk of crime.

Participants will continue to be engaged and supported through our charity 3Pillars Project, both during our courses and afterwards, but now in addition, they can also work towards personal training qualifications on release through 3Pillars Fitness, following which we have growing employment opportunities with 3Pillars Wellbeing. As separate organisations to our charitable endeavours, 3Pillars Fitness and 3Pillars Wellbeing offer the highest standards of training and real jobs in the sports, health, fitness and wellbeing industry.

Each aspect of 3Pillars is overseen by the same leadership and holds the same values. To represent this integration we have updated our identity.

We believe in working collaboratively and welcome referrals from similar organisations that work with people that could benefit from additional support.

3Pillars Project will continue its vital work with people at risk of committing crime. Tackling the challenges faced by young people by building meaningful relationships, through innovative rugby, adventure, and sporting programmes.

3Pillars Fitness utilises physical activity experts to deliver high quality personal training qualifications, enabling personal development opportunities that lead to real jobs. Online and in-person training will allow people to attain the knowledge necessary to deliver health improvement activities.

3Pillars Wellbeing will employ graduates of 3Pillars Fitness to support the development of healthier, happier employees through bespoke packages that are accessible to everyone. Improving and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of workplace teams.

We are offering participants the opportunity to take control of their lives as they graduate from our charity projects. We develop long term relationships with our participants, and are already fortunate enough to employ graduates from of our earliest 3Pillars Project courses. Our diverse team means we can provide support that other organisations might struggle to achieve. This is a fluid pathway and we look forward to helping more people as a result.

This improved pathway will better support the people we work with and empower them with the will to succeed.

If you would like to hear more about any of these developments please contact


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