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3Pillars Project First Annual Awards Night

Updated: Mar 5

Nervous excitement and the anticipation of what would become of a night where only one winner shows up? 

3Pillars Project made it a night to remember in spite of the unusual circumstances. 

As many of you will know, 3Pillars works with people who do not have the freedom to attend everyday events. Most of the nominees were unable to attend due to prison restrictions. However,families and mentors were able to accept the awards on their behalf. 

The event was hosted by Red Bull at their HQ in Covent Garden. It was a fantastic venue, with the occasion itself representing the specialised and extraordinary work 3Pillars does with those who can benefit from it - all year round. We offer care, compassion and support for people seeking to pushing themselves to be better versions of themselves.

Those who attended were left humbled and inspired by the evidence from the night. An opportunity to shine a spotlight on individuals who have gone above and beyond in defiance of their past to build upon themselves or to help the benefit of others. 

Awards included;

Exercise Award - Gordon

Education Award - Malaki 

Ethos Award - Christopher

Prison staff of the Year - Matthew Osburn from HMP Dovegate

Apprentice of the Year - Ryan

Supporter of the Year - Paul Taylor from Nottingham Rugby 

Volunteer of the Year - Freya Dawkins 

Sports Leader of the Year - Raphael and Kamari

"The evening became an unforgettable celebration of resilience and dedication even amidst unusual circumstances. Attendees left humbled and inspired by remarkable stories, marking the beginning of an annual tradition to celebrate progress and dedication by the participants in our GAMEPLAN programme and our supporters." - Jennifer Mustoe-Castle, 3Pillars Project COO

This year was a great first year for the awards, we can not wait to run next year’s edition.

COO Jen Musto-Castle and Sky Sports Presenter Michael Bridges


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