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Our Impact & 2023 Year in Review 

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3Pillars logic model

We measure behaviour change throughout the apprentice’s journey. We use a model that tracks a participant's knowledge of personal awareness, then their awareness of themselves, then their own changed attitudes, ultimately leading to behaviour change. Our programme promotes self-esteem, resilience, empathy, autonomy, and self-control to validate success. We gather, measure, and analyse quantitative and qualitative feedback data from this process. This enables us to adjust and refine our process, and practices according to each individual's interaction with the programme.

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Participant feedback 

The feedback we have collated suggests our programmes are an effective sport for development tool which can improve mental wellbeing and help foster healthy relationships with family, friends, peers, and prison officers. 

These comments are taken from the cohort in 'Play is Training for the Unexpected'.

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Adult Programmes - 2016/17

Since 2016, 3Pillars Project has worked with hundreds of young people in custody, and hundreds more through its work in London and South East of the UK. Courses have been delivered in Feltham YOI, HMP Wandsworth, and HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs. Monitoring highlights that of our 3Pillars Project programme participants:

Statistics from programmes - 2017/18

  • All participants improved their communication skills and team working abilities 

  • All participants improved their physical fitness, with an average improvement of 19%

  • All participants increased their impulse control; with 40% of participants having a 20% improvement.


Statistics based on completed feedback forms over six courses

98% agreed that the course had a positive impact with other inmates
95% agreed that the course had a positive impact on their mental wellbeing 
95% agreed that they felt better equipped to achieve their goals as a result of taking part in the course
94% agreed that the course had a positive impact on their self-confidence
89% agreed that the course helped them regulate their emotions more effectively.


2019/2020 in numbers

During 2019/2020 we have hosted day release placements, post release referral mentoring, and ongoing support and community membership for people in prison. In addition we have supported prisons and partner organisations with consultancy and programme development.


We launched a pilot of the post-release Fitness Academy and here are the results:

90% of participants have access to a weekly mentoring session
180 hours of mentoring delivered 
66% completed vocational training
75% supported with housing & gaining qualifications
95% of our participants 6 months after engagement with 3PP are in employment, education, or training


Success Stories

"What 3Pillars offered us is support after our sentences. It was really, really liberating to know that when you get out of jail, you've got someone to go to for support, and gave us just a good experience in general." - Ex-Participant.

"At first it was just to get out of your cell and play rugby and then I quickly realised that building a relationship with Mike and a few of the other coaches that what they were doing was really good...

It beats most jobs that I've tried to do." - Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) Coach Assistant. 

External Reports on our Work

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‘A Sporting Chance’: An independent review of sport in youth and adult prisons, released in August 2018 by the Ministry of Justice and Professor Rosie Meek.
The review audited the provision of 21 different establishments and made 12 recommendations which calls for collaboration and innovation; 3Pillars Project featured as a positive case study in demonstrating the potential to improve young people’s lives through violence-reduction, sports-based programmes.

'Play is Training for the Unexpected': An Independent Evaluation of 3 Pillars Delivery in Cookham Wood HMYOI – February – April 2018.

Royal Holloway Masters Dissertation.jpg

"An evaluation of a sports-based prison initiative, which aims to promote desistance from crime and aid in rehabilitation and resettlement".

Masters Dissertation by a student from the Royal Holloway, University of London. 
Supervised by Professor Rosie Meek. 

The paper aims to explore prisoner experiences in relation to 3Pillars Project's sports-based intervention conducted at HMP Wandsworth and HMP Wormwood Scrubs. 

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