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3Pillars in the Media
Read our latest mentoring and prison rugby related news

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3Pillars in The Change I Want to See - Red Bull 
Featuring in Red Bull's The Change I Want to See.
3Pillars CEO Mike Crofts discusses the importance of positive engagement and offering meaningful opportunities for people in custody.

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13 December 2020

Sport For Development Coalition. Spotlight on the sector
Article talks about how challenging the pandemic has been for people in prison, and how 3Pillars Project's Fitness Academy has helped their mental and physical wellbeing.

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23 January 2020

Clearscore CEO, Justin Basini on building resilience through boxing
Justin Basini discusses his previous struggles and his new journey to sustained success. "I lead by example, so my staff can see how I maintain balance. For me, exercise is integral to managing stress, so I box and work out every week".

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3 December 2019

3Pillars founder Mike Crofts on Victoria Derbyshire
3Pillars Project CEO, Mike Crofts commented to Victoria Derbyshire live this morning, joining discussion in the aftermath of the Fishmongers Hall attack that “we’re focusing on sentence lengths. We need to be talking about ‘what is prison for?...much of the current debate is a “distraction” to the real discussions that needs to happen"

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25 July 2019

How Steve O’Meara went from prison back to the boxing ring – via rugby
Steve O'Meara tells The Times' rugby correspondent Alex Lowe, about how a 3Pillars rugby course in prison has seen him turn around his story. Driven by a desire to show his children the importance of redemption, Steve is now coaching young boys from London's most disadvantaged communities.


12 February 2019

Meet Jason McKoy: a bastion of sport for social impact
The article features 3Pillars Project's Lead Mentor, Jason McKoy, and details his vast experience in delivering high-impact programmes with at-risk young people. 

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22 November 2018

Crofts Fears Naught
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, has been given the Royal Humane Society’s bronze medal for his brave actions during the tragic events of March 22, 2017. 


9 July 2018

The Military Entrepreneurship Manifesto
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, contributed to the Military Entrepreneurship Manifesto, drawing on our teams' experiences of serving in the Armed Forces and how they can be applied to a start up. 


1 December 2017

'Everyone finished and took a lot of pride': prisoners on the parkrun
3Pillars Project is cited by Professor Rosie Meek as an example of an organisation using sport to engage prisoners in education and reduce re-offending.


October 2017

Impact of sport on Desistance
3Pillars Project featured in an article on the impact of sport on desistance.

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3Pillars' CEO Mike Crofts writes for The Independent 
Drawing on our experience mentoring vulnerable young people and leading our transformative programme in custody, our CEO Mike Crofts writes for The Independent on all things Trauma, Grief, Leadership and Mentoring.


2 December 2020

Times Christmas Appeal: 'It's not just rugby - we learnt how to be legit'
Former programme participant Leon talks about his experience with 3Pillars Project, which helped him to keep mentally and physically fit.

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18 December 2019

"3Pillars Project is a brilliant charity that exists running rugby in prison" - House of Rugby podcast
House of Rugby's Alex Payne discussed the power of rugby for marginalised communities in the UK with Ben Ryan and Mike Tindall, highlighting the 'excellent' programme that 3Pillars Project runs, taking rugby into prisons

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19 October 2019

3Pillars founder Mike Crofts and coach Steve O'Meara on Battersea Riverside Radio
Mike and Steve spoke to Riverside Radio about what inspired Mike to found 3Pillars Project, Steve's journey from participant to coach, and our work delivering sports-based mentoring for young people in custody or at risk of crime. 

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25 July 2019

'No judgment. We just run': inside San Quentin's 1,000 Mile Club
3Pillars Project CEO, Mike Crofts tells The Guardian why sport for young men in prison is as important for them to stay mentally healthy, as well as keeping physically fit. When people leave prison mentally healthy, we benefit society as a whole.

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13 December 2018

Ironsides stalwart takes his skills to the 3Pillars Project
Paddy Flynn joins the 3Pillars Project at a Hackney Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) and helps support the four-week programme.


22 November 2018

Former Hereford rugby player risked his life during terrorist attack
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, has been given the Royal Humane Society’s bronze medal for his brave actions during the tragic events of March 22, 2017. 

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20 June 2018

UKSDN Conference: The value of sport in prisons
Professor Rosie Meek spoke at the UK Sport Development Network (UKSDN) Conference on 3Pillars Project's work and the value of sport in prisons. ​


31 October 2017

Mike Crofts: How can rugby support the criminal justice system?
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, discusses the work of 3Pillars Project with Ed Bowers, host of 'The Sport Industry Access Podcast'.


21 April 2017

Telling young men to suppress their anger is a dangerous game - society must give them an outlet
Charlotte Leslie, Conservative MP for Bristol and North West, discusses the role of sport in giving young men and outlet for their anger and cites the work of 3Pillars Project. "The '3 Pillars Project' charity, set up by ex-soldier Mike Crofts, uses rugby in prisons to help rehabilitate inmates and is specialising in the mental health needs of men and the crises of masculine identity many face.”


How Rugby Can Help Men In Prison Turn Their Lives Around - Russell Webster Blog 
Featuring in Russell Webster's Blog that covers the latest criminal justice policy, practice and research. 3Pillars COO Jen Mustoe-Castle discusses how rugby equips men in prison with vital skills to turn their lives around.


Rehabilitation through rugby and role models 
Alliance of Sport introduce the 3Pillars Project and discuss the importance of role models, personal development and what impact the programmes had on participants.

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4 May 2020

Rugby World on diversity in the sport


4 December 2019

3Pillars founder Mike Crofts on BBC Breakfast
3Pillars Project CEO, Mike Crofts, appeared live on BBC Breakfast this morning, where he discussed how we must prioritise ensuring prisons are able to deliver effective rehabilitation, saying "the current reoffending rate for adults leaving the Criminal Justice System is 48% within one year. That speaks to a system that is not currently functioning effectively". 


19 October 2019

Kyle Sinckler and his mum-pleasing try epitomised the enterprising and spirited victory England needed - and one they delivered
The Telegraph reports on Kyle Sinckler's performance for England in the Rugby World Cup. They note that Sinckler will forever be associated with Graveney School in Tooting and the Battersea Ironsides club, where Mike Crofts, 3Pillars' CEO, started 3Pillars Project to challenge “the failure of rugby to really penetrate inner cities, especially minority communities.”


1 July 2019

Pudsey awards Lambeth £60,000
The magazine announces 3Pillars Project as a recipient of a three-year grant to support our work in Lambeth, from BBC Children in Need, in their highlight of the month (page 7). 

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7 December 2018

The value of contact sports in youth custody
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, responds to the Sport for Development Coalition's monthly theme of 'Sport's role in reducing crime with an article on the value of contact sports and youth custody for positive development.


11 August 2018

A Sporting Chance
3Pillars Project featured as a positive case study in  'A Sporting Chance', an independent review by Professor Rosie Meek and the Ministry of Justice into the role of sport in prisons. 


16 February 2018

Prince Harry joins 10,000 fans to watch England train
3Pillars Project coaches discuss our work with Prince Harry and Jonny Wilkinson at England Rugby's open training session in support of Try For Change, a joint venture between England Rugby and Sport Relief.


31 October 2017

The 3Pillars Project: a course set to revolutionise rehabilitation
3Pillars Project founder and CEO, Mike Crofts, discusses the work of 3Pillars Project and the role of rugby in reforming prisoners.

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