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Complaints Policy

3Pillars Project Complaints Policy - June 2024

This document sets out the 3Pillars complaints policy and procedure and is aimed at our participants and all interested parties who encounter a direct or indirect service from us. 3Pillars values our participants who undertake our course and community programmes as part of the long term support we offer to our participants, with the aim of enabling individuals to make a positive contribution to society in the future, regardless of their past.

Therefore, it is important should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both yours and our expectations that you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them and learn lessons appropriate to improving service level expectations.



This policy covers complaints that participants and members of the public may wish to make in relation to the training offered by 3Pillars.

It is not to be used to cover enquiries about services offered by 3Pillars, or appeals in relation to qualification assessment decisions. Our Appeals Policy covers these areas. Should a complaint be submitted which is in fact an appeal we will respond to inform the relevant party that the issue is being considered in accordance with our Appeals Policy.

If you are unhappy about the way an examination or assessment was delivered and conducted and you suspect malpractice and/or maladministration may have occurred you should send your concern to us addressed to us For the Attention of the CEO.

3Pillars’ responsibility

We advise that our staff and participants involved in the management, assessment and quality assurance of our programmes, are aware of the contents of this policy and that 3Pillars has a complaints handling procedure in place to deal with complaints from participants about the services they receive from us.


How should I complain?

Stage 1

All 3Pillars staff are trained to support our participants and are all keen to help, so you should first try to sort out any problem at the earliest opportunity by speaking to the person who dealt with you initially. Informal resolutions can often be the most appropriate resolutions for all parties. You may find that another member of the 3Pillars staff can help you with your complaint immediately and help you to find an adequate resolution.

Stage 2

If they cannot help or you wish to speak to someone else please email the 3Pillars Head of Delivery ( with the attached form completed, they will email you a receipt for your complaint within 5 working days and will respond with a solution for your complaint within 20 working days. The Head of Delivery or another suitable member of staff will then conduct an investigation, by assessing your complaint, witness accounts and any further evidence. The Stage Two Reviewer will:

• consider whether the complaint falls within this procedure;

• initiate discussions, meetings or other correspondence with the complainant to fully understand their issue, seek clarity and be clear on what would constitute a resolution for them;

• consider whether the substance of the complaint has already been dealt with in the response to another complaint or as part of Stage One of the process;

• compile an appropriate set of documentation, including records of interviews, meetings, exchanged emails, etc. for review by the Stage Three Review Committee if appropriate.

If the complaint has already been dealt with appropriately, then no further action will be taken. The hope at Stage Two is that an acceptable resolution can be found and the complaint can be concluded to the complainant’s satisfaction at this stage. Where it is not possible to offer a solution within 20 working days you will be notified of the time scaled action plan.

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