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Independent Evaluation of our Young Offenders project: Play is Training for the Unexpected

We are very excited to share the results of an Independent Evaluation conducted by C. Arnott of our pilot project with 15-18 year olds in Cookham Wood YOI.

The report examines data collected over the course of the project, interviews with staff and importantly interviews with our fantastic course graduates.

The report finds increases in Self-Esteem and Wellbeing,  Impulse Control and Physical Fitness. We are also really pleased with the feedback from the interviews mentioned in the report from both staff and boys. Here are some extracts:

Course Graduates said about things the course had helped with: ​"Self-confidence – yes – I don’t really do a lot, I don’t get on with new people and don’t liketalking but helping run the sessions changed that. I’m a lot happier." "My mental willpower has increased remarkably" "Its helped with my self-confidence – being able to stand up and talk in front of a group people would usually make me very anxious."

Prison Officers and Teachers: "Their behaviour in prison and as humans has improved dramatically." "The trajectory for improvement has been massive." "Communication has improved greatly – both with the staff and between the boys. I have seen their communication with each other improve – the boys are praising each other and I’ve seen leaders emerge." "We’ve seen a team developing and boys realising their potential"


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