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"Why do I need support, I am strong on my own...."

On the journey to create 3 Pillars Project and get it up and running, I have been incredibly lucky to gain the support of some fantastic people. Not least, Bex Norris and Will McLay who are the backbones of the organisation and have proven themselves over and over again.

But, it's not just business partners and fellow coaches who have offered help because of the need they see in society to channel and influence the aggression of young men, and give fractured communities greater support. I have been lucky in the support and advice of many others....even a Royal.

Prince Harry gave me his time to advise how to make the 3 Pillars idea into a reality. He gave me some important advice which I will share another time. However, 18 months on, we have the great team I mentioned, we are going from strength to strength and will have worked intensively with 60 young men in prison in our first year of delivery. I am proud of the tight community of support that has gathered around the project; I know we would not be as strong as we are without them.

We feature in this important article addressing masculinity, anger and identity crisis; especially for young men in society and prison who require support... 


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