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We did it - successfully raised £26,482 in crowdfunding campaign

THANK YOU - we not only did it we raised even more than our stretch target!

The final total is £26,482, from an incredible 232 supporters!

The whole team at 3Pillars Project wants to thank everyone who has supported us in the past few weeks, without you this wouldn't have been possible.

When we embarked on this journey just a little over 4 weeks ago we never imagined we would exceed our stretch target.

Your supported, enabled us to make 132% of our target.

This is more than just the mentor, rent and extra sessions that are so crucial in this time for the young men we support. It's a vote of confidence in our programme, our community and in the power of sport to guide a transformation in people’s lives. You are an integral part of forging brighter futures. 

Mike our CEO wanted to say to everyone that:

"This support means so much to the 3Pillars team and will really help to develop the impact of our work. For me personally, this is the first large open fundraiser and crowdfunder that we’ve ever done and it means so much to have been trusted and supported by so many of you. Thank you"

Thank you again, we couldn't have done this without out!

The whole 3Pillars Project team


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