The Takeoff of Trauma

Updated: Mar 10

Ulysse Abbate, BA Hons Philosophy, Politics, Economics student discusses trauma, criminalisation and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in his blog as part of our #UoNinterntakeover series.

Research has shown that trauma has been experienced by many people (almost two-thirds of adults have claimed to experienced trauma in their childhood)[1]. We cannot ignore trauma under the guise that it only occurs in a minority of cases. We must acknowledge and appropriately deal with the existence of trauma in the Youth Justice System.

Adverse Childhood Experiences, including trauma, have a direct impact on young people’s social skills, and their likelihood to get involved in criminal activities. Children raised in homes and communities where trauma pervades may not know how to confront others in nonviolent ways[2].

Dame Glenys, HM Chief Inspector of Probation, stated that most young people who commit serious crimes have had disturbing and traumatic experiences themselves, during childhood[3], further highlighting the urgent need for trauma-informed practices.

What sets 3Pillars apart

3Pillars Project exists to improve the lives of young people at risk of committing crime and those in-custody, by providing them with effective support and mentoring, supporting them to secure positive futures. We provide vulnerable young people with the tools to overcome significant challenges and successfully reintegrate into the community.

The 3Pillars Project works to support, not punish, people in the Youth Justice System. Supporting youth through proven, safe practices:

  • Decreases the chance of them committing further crimes

  • Protects citizens

  • Allows young people to improve their lives in a legal, constructive way

  • Saves money that would be spent on incarceration.

But who would believe a biased intern volunteering with the 3Pillars Project… wouldn’t it be far more reliable if other Youth Justice Systems throughout Europe also shared these views and demonstrated proven benefits