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Sport for Good: Reasons to Run for 3Pillars Project in the Hackney Half Marathon

Running to fundraise for charity has never been more popular; and if you’ve decided on running a marathon for your New Year's Resolution, then this is a great opportunity for you!  

You can secure a guaranteed charity-runner place in the Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon, while raising funds on behalf of 3Pillars Project. We are offering amazing runner-support packages to ensure that you enjoy your fundraising experience. These packages include a 3Pillars t-shirt to run in, 3Pillars water bottle and training advice from 3Pillars personal trainers and expert fitness coaches. If you’re not already sold, here are 3 more reasons why you might want to run and raise money for 3Pillars.

1. You will make a difference!

Every year charities buy charity runner places in marathons and give them to runners who agree to raise money on their behalf. By using a charity-runner place, 3Pillars would get all of the money you raise, and you won’t have to spend anything on your entry. However much you raise, your contribution will make a difference to 3Pillars and the young people we help in the community.

As well as raising money to support our projects, running for 3Pillars will help raise awareness. You’ll be seen by thousands of people wearing our logo on race day, and everyone who sponsors you will learn more about the charity and the vital work we do to tackle youth violence. As a small but vital charity, we rely on public exposure to build a good reputation and encourage people to donate!

2. Gift Aid

When your friends, family and colleagues sponsor you, 3Pillars will receive extra money from the Government at no cost if they add “Gift Aid” to their donations.

3. Team 3Pillars will support you!

We will do our utmost to ensure that you are enjoying your running experience whilst raising money for 3Pillars. As well as the package mentioned above, you will also receive an exclusive t-shirt and medal from Virgin Sport on the day. To show our support, you will feature in 3Pillars social media and newsletters, all you have to do is tag us in your posts!

If you want to get involved and run for 3Pillars in the Hackney Half Marathon on 19th May, please get in touch!  

Check us out as an Official Charity Partner:

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