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Response to COVID19

Every organisation in the world is facing challenges. Whilst 3Pillars Project face uncertainty in the coming months, we must also prepare for the situation that will face us when the lockdown is lifted. We are therefore asking for your help, so that we can bounce back from this challenge more effectively than ever.

How does Coronavirus affect prisons?

Prisons are currently locked down with visits from family halted and activities severely curtailed. You can imagine how restrictive and mentally challenging this may be for many young people in prison.

How has this affected us and what is our response?

We have rightly had to halt much of our traditional in person delivery, reducing support to telephone based mentoring sessions and supporting individuals remotely where we can..

Effect on the Charity

We have unfortunately had to postpone 3 key annual fundraising events that we had planned for May and June, this will have a financial effect on us in the long run.

We have also furloughed three staff in an effort to maintain financial sustainability. We believe, however, we can overcome the current situation.

Why we need your help.....Our Plan for the future

We know that this is a very uncertain time to be a prisoner and to work in prisons. It is also uncharted territory for those being released from custody. We expect that the current mental health crisis in our prisons will be exacerbated. And we believe it is in everyone's interest that young people are supported to move away from crime on release. So we are planning to have a bolder impact than normal when restrictions are lifted and we are fully able to support young people in custody again.

How can you help?

We are setting an ambitious target to raise £15,000 to respond in the aftermath of this crisis. This will fund one of our mentors to operate for 6 months, once normal delivery resumes. This amount also covers the cost of 3 coaches delivering sport to young people Part Time over the same period.

I'd like to thank everyone who has already offered us such support and encouragement already.


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