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Nottingham Team training - Welcoming new coaches

Updated: May 28

Find out how 3Pillars trains its new coaches and mentors. Our new Head of Delivery Adi Fawcett shares her perspective on our onboarding training and how we strive to integrate mentoring training within leading sports sessions. 

Training is a key part of the 3PP way of working, making us a highly trained and practiced organisation able to facilitate meaningful impact across our GAMEPLAN programme.  In April we delivered our refresher/induction for 3PP staff, our current coaches and new coaches being brought into the programme for the first time.  A diverse range of experience was represented by participants on the course; from rugby coaches to international and semi-pro players, to an experienced delivery team of staff and apprentices.  The training included; an introduction to 3PP, working in the criminal justice system, the Rugby Academy scheme of work, facilitation & professional coaching.  Alongside the classroom discussions everyone was out on the pitch developing ways of working and understanding the most effective ways to deliver the Rugby Academy in a prison setting.

As a new member to the 3PP team the training presented an excellent opportunity to dive into the detail of how the GAMEPLAN programme has been designed and structured to deliver sustainable impact to participants, both in custody and post release.  It was clear why the GAMEPLAN is needed and how we can all make a difference no matter what our role is within the charity.  By the end of the 2 days the group had come together as a team with purpose and motivated to deliver a dynamic and high quality programme, bringing choice and opportunity to people with the intent to support long term behaviour change.  A key takeway for me was hearing from team members with experience of working with young people enabling me to develop my communication skills, specifically in terms of listening and engaging fully with course participants to support them in the best way possible through the 3PP GAMEPLAN.


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