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Giving back as part of your New Years Resolution

As with every New Year, there are pledges and promises to make a difference in your life – resolutions. To some, that means losing weight, running a marathon or eating healthier. But while these are great forms of self-improvement, there are other ways we can all contribute to improving society. We want to turn 2019 into a year of stronger communities with reduced violence, crime and re-offending among young people – and here’s 3 ways how you can help!

1. Pledge to donate

Your generous support and donations enable us to give young people a second chance in life. By choosing to give a donation, you will be helping us to plan ahead and make long-term improvements for young people in prison and in the community. There are many ways that you can donate to 3Pillars Project, including:

- Making a regular or one-off donation

- Registering 3Pillars as your chosen charity on Amazon

- Sign up to Payroll Giving

Resolution: I will contribute to reducing young peoples’ risk of involvement in crime by giving a monthly donation to 3Pillars.

2. Join our supporters club

Join us in tackling the challenges faced by young people and become a vital 3Pillars Project Supporter! With your support we will help more young people with our long-term mentoring to achieve success. By joining our Supporters Club, you will be able to:

- Join our human library

- Volunteer your experience and expertise

- Join a 3Pillars committee

- Sponsor programmes.

Resolution: I pledge to join 3Pillars Project’s Supporters Club.

3. Share our social media posts

One of the simplest ways of giving back is to spread the word! Follow, Like, Share, Retweet – do whatever it is you to tell friends, family and colleagues about the crucial work that we do with young people in the community and in prison. Following/Liking us is also a great way to show support!

Resolution: I pledge to support 3Pillars Project and increase their network by sharing and liking their social media posts.


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