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GAMEPLAN launch: our plan to change the lives of over 100 young men in the criminal justice system

3Pillars Project launches plan to change the lives of over 100 young men in prison through a revolutionary sports-based mentoring initiative.

3Pillars Project are on a mission to create a prison rehabilitation offer that prevents young men returning to custody, through their new GAMEPLAN intervention programme. A comprehensive multiyear effort to support young people in custody both before and after release from prison with sports-based mentoring.

Currently reoffending in adult prisons stands at 50% within one year of release. For young adults and young people in prison, this is drastically higher; 15 to 18 year olds reoffend within 1 year of release in 70% of cases. 3Pillars seek to drastically improve the lives of these young people.

The charity, founded 5 years ago, will support over 100 young men who are in custody or recently released to help them reintegrate successfully into society over the next three years as part of the GAMEPLAN initiative. The programme boasts a range of high-profile partners, including St Giles Trust, SKANSKA (SCS) Crossrail, Amodigo and Active IQ in order to deliver top quality qualifications, work opportunities and mentoring support.

The launch took place at Richmond Rugby Club on the 29th July and marked the commitment to deliver end to end, holistic programmes that take apprentices from custody, through the gate and back into their own communities, where, with proper mentoring they have the opportunity to become community leaders in their own right.

As part of the launch, the project’s success stories who have gone through the programmes were involved in touch-rugby sessions with attendees which took as an Olympic theme as the Olympics Rugby Sevens takes place in Tokyo this week.

Mike Crofts, CEO of 3 Pillars, said: “Our aim is clear, that any young person who completes our course will not return to prison, and will lead positive fulfilling lives where they contribute to their community.

“That’s why we’ve introduced the GAMEPLAN because we believe with our unique interventions, we can offer people a second chance at a better future. We really hope people will see the importance of our interventions and back our work across prisons in London and the Midlands. Thank you to Infraco-Consulting and Cummings Group for sponsoring the event”


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