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Ellie's Work Placement with 3Pillars

Ellie Grove was on placement from HMP High Down when we met. Where she worked as a Prison Officer whilst on the ‘Unlocked Graduates’. A two-year Leadership Development Programme that puts graduates at the heart of prison reform whilst doing a Masters Degree. A mouthful, even to say. 

Ellie’s aim was to combine her passions; rugby and prison reform and in turn, gain insight into a different sector. 

Ellie’s astute nature brought a great understanding of psychology through her undergraduate studies, a great commitment to learning, and worked well as a team. 

It's always great to collaborate with someone who works in prison and gain better perspectives from each other about how we can work together to support the boys in custody. 

Before Ellie’s departure, she created a video, summarising her time with 3Pillars Project. Give it a watch below! 


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