Darren Davis blog: "Making the world a better place"

Darren has recently joined the 3Pillars Project team as a Mentor and Coach. In this blog we hear first-hand how he plans to transfer his extensive experience from within the prison service within his new role to help change even more lives through sport.

I have previously worked for the prison service for over 21 years. Briefly as Logistics Coordinator then I graduated as Prisoner Custody Officer taking up the role as Industries Officer before achieving my goal working with the gymnasium team as Physical Education Instructor. I was quickly taken under the wing by one of the PEI team who mentored me into delivering sports leader courses. When the Sports Academy opened in 2013, I achieved the position as Sports and Leisure Tutor.

During this time, I was briefly seconded to support the development of the Initial Training Course for PCO’s as Training Coordinator. This gave me great insight into the roles and understandings of the training and development team who gave their support, as well as other departments to the learning role as Prisoner Custody Officer. My duties included delivering fitness training sessions including running, circuits, and team sports. I also set up a mentoring scheme which was used to offer support from experienced PCO’s to maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and to