Could the Key to Reducing Reoffending lie in Sports?

Audrey Reber, in her second blog, continues to explore the role of sports in reducing reoffending.

So, Could the key to reducing reoffending lie in sports?

The short answer is - yes!

Sports can reduce reoffending by acting as a diversion, instilling qualities of sportsmanship in young people, and working as a hook, getting them involved in interventions which support their desistance from crime[1]2.

69% of young people reoffend within a year of their release from prison, making reoffending a serious problem in the UK[2]. With exercise as one of its foundational pillars, 3Pillars Project believes that sport is part of the solution to this problem.

1. Sport as a Diversion

Engaging in any kind of sport can provide a positive distraction for young people once they leave prison. This can keep them away from associates, environments or activities that might encourage them to commit crime

2. Sport as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy