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ClearScore donation supports 3Pillars work in Lambeth

We are thrilled to accept a donation from our Lambeth neighbour and partner, ClearScore. This donation will enable us to work with more young people in Lambeth and across London. 

At 3Pillars Project, we believe that with the right support, every young person, regardless of circumstance can achieve their true potential. With ClearScore's donation and input we can directly impact the lives of young people most at risk, using sport as a gateway for those who have or are at risk of violent convictions, gang membership or have served a prison sentence, ensuring that these young people have the opportunities and environment in which to thrive.  

A fellow Lambeth dweller, ClearScore understand the specific difficulties and pressures faced by many young people in the local community. They share our values and vision to give these young people  the investment and opportunity to make positive choices and empower their own futures. Here is to a great partner and a shared community vision !


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