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3PP welcomes a new Director...

3 Pillars Project are joined on the Board of Directors by a new volunteer Director; Lieutenant Colonel Rob Page has served and led in the British Army since he graduated from University in 2001. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and conducted training throughout Europe and North America. 

Rob has remained connected to rugby as a coach and referee and has always enjoyed harnessing the power of sport for developing leadership, teamwork and a core values in the Army. 

Passionate about social change Rob retains an interest in education serving on a board of a Multi-Academy Trust with over twenty schools in Oxfordshire, Swindon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. He joins the project as a Director with a focus on strategy, operations and challenge. Rob currently works at the Ministry of Defence in London. 

​We look forward to welcoming Rob into the organisation as we strive to have a positive social impact and support young men in custody and on their departure.

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