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3Pillars in The Change I Want to See - Red Bull

3Pillars is not the standard feature for Red Bull online, normally more high profile skateboarders, surfers and motocross riders suit the brand better.

We were delighted when approached to feature in the article. 3Pillars CEO Mike Crofts penned a piece and was interviewed for our work, exploring the motivation of our team and why it is so crucial that we engage with people in custody with positive opportunities.

Anyone who's ever met Mike, knows he loves rugby. But what's special about 3Pillars is the team we've brought together. It is not just about one person, we are a diverse group of individuals with skills sets that compliment each other and enhance the work of the charity.

What started as an inspiring rugby course has become a focused mentoring pathway that uses trauma informed approaches to support young people in custody and beyond. READ the Article Here:


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